Theory and Practice

Theory and practice, cinema’s sometimes estranged siblings, share the printed page harmoniously in this caboose series. These volumes will introduce readers to a broad range of vital historical and contemporary writing on film by some of its major figures, in many cases appearing in English translation for the first time: theoretical discussions by practising filmmakers, bodies of criticism by writers more closely attuned to the filmmaking—and viewing— experience than much contemporary theory, forays by artists from other disciplines into the theory and practice of cinema.

The series was launched with a new translation of selections from André Bazin’s What is Cinema? and the first English translation of Jean-Luc Godard’s volume Introduction to a True History of Cinema and Television. What is Cinema? was replaced in 2018 by the volume André Bazin: Selected Writings 1943-1958, which incorporated all the texts from the earlier volume and added an equal number of new translations. The 2020 second edition of the Selected Writings brings the total number of texts to 28, plus commentary.

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