caboose launches Kino-Agora—free e-books!

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CABOOSE, independent publisher of the acclaimed new translation of selections from André Bazin’s What is Cinema? and of the forthcoming volume by Jean-Luc Godard, Introduction to a True History of Cinema and Television, is pleased to announce the launch of its short-essay series Kino-Agora on special topics in film history, theory and criticism. Christian Keathley of Middlebury College, Vermont is series editor.

The first three volumes are already in print and a half dozen or more are planned for 2014. Each of these 56-page books sells for $5 from the caboose web site and is available from Amazon in both Kindle and bound editions. In addition, one title will be given away free with every on-line purchase of the book by Jean-Luc Godard. Better yet, for a limited time all three initial volumes are presently being offered for free consultation in their entirety on the caboose web site!

Already indicative of the range of topics the series will cover, these initial volumes include The Kinematic Turn: Film in the Digital Era and its Ten Problems by André Gaudreault and Philippe Marion; Dead and Alive: The Body as Cinematic Thing by Lesley Stern; and Montage by Jacques Aumont. The new year will bring titles by Frank Kessler (Mise en Scène), Leo Enticknap (A History of the Moving Image in Twenty-five Images), Sarah Kozloff (The Life of the Author), Girish Shambu (The New Cinephilia), Sergei Eisenstein (Mise en Jeu and Mise en Geste) and Timothy Barnard (Découpage). Interested in submitting an idea? Send Chris Keathley a note via the caboose web site.

Once you see the quality of these short volumes, please consider recommending them to your library for purchase. A form for this purpose is available on the caboose web site, on the page of every caboose book currently in print.

Looking for more free stuff? The caboose site has plenty in fact. Start with the fascinating self-portraits of film projectionists around the world found in our Planetary Projection project. Have you ever projected film, in any capacity, and want to share your thoughts or experiences? Or perhaps you know a projectionist, active or retired. Contact PP’s coordinator Marina Uzunova via the caboose web site. All contributors whose vignettes are accepted will receive a free copy of the book by Jean-Luc Godard.

You’ll also find a free chapter of Godard’s book on the site and an extended, in-depth essay by Godard scholar Michael Witt on the evolution of Godard’s film history project, published in the Godard volume and available free on-line for a limited time. There are excerpts from What is Cinema? and, in its entirety, translator-publisher Timothy Barnard’s twenty-page note from that volume on Bazin’s “long-lost” concept “découpage”. This note is changing discussion of film aesthetics and is ideal for classroom use.

Over at caboose’s forthcoming series of Reading with Filmmakers volumes, be sure to take a look at our series of photographs of Sergei Eisenstein’s library, preserved in Moscow since his death. These photographs, recently brought back from Moscow by Ada Ackerman, co-editor with Luka Arsenjuk of the Reading with Sergei Eisenstein volume, provide rare glimpses of Eisenstein’s hand-written marginalia in his books as he debated ideas with their authors. There are also sample texts from Reading with Filmmakers and the upcoming series Critical Filmographies of World Cinema.

Please note that publication of the book by Jean-Luc Godard has been postponed until spring 2014. Thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding, which we are certain will be well rewarded by the most stunning film publication since . . . caboose’s What is Cinema? by André Bazin! Sign up to our mailing list on our web site to be among the first to be notified of its publication, and be sure to recommend this book to your library for purchase as well!

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